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Essential Kids Day 2 – Essential Oils for Back to School

- BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES - Peppermint If you love simple natural solutions for your family, then Essential Oils are definitely something you will love. They are simple, effective & natural. One Essential Oil can have a multitude of different benefits, which makes them so effective in assisting our bodies to work at their optimal… Continue reading Essential Kids Day 2 – Essential Oils for Back to School

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Essential Kids – Essential Oils for Back to School

Day 2 - Back to School Series - Peppermint

Essential Oils


Yay! Yippee! more lunch boxes or rushing around in the mornings...for 6 whole weeks!!! But after the novelty of no school runs wear off, and the kids start with the 'Im bored' what then??? Here are some cool & non-toxic diy activities you can do with the kiddies - click pic below for link… Continue reading It’s SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!

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My TOP ESSENTIAL OILS for Back to School 

School Holidays are coming to an end and our little ones are heading back to school. We love school holidays in our home, spending time together, being impulsive with what we do in our days, no lunch boxes...(!!!) that's the beauty of holidays isn't it?! A break from the everyday! We also know how important… Continue reading My TOP ESSENTIAL OILS for Back to School