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AromaTouch Massage Blend

Have you ever experienced an AromaTouch Technique? An Aromatherapy Massage with the focus on using Essential Oils to create balance + homeostasis is the body. It's truly an amazing experience. The technique, that incorporates 8 different dōTERRA Essential Oils + Blends, is designed to assist and support the body's immune system to heal itself and… Continue reading AromaTouch Massage Blend

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Essential Oils + Reflexology = Healing Powerhouse

I've posted before about Aromatic Dressing now I would like to elaborate on that by adding in Reflexology! Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet + hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to help balance the body. Reflexology works on the autonomic nervous system helping the body to heal itself naturally.… Continue reading Essential Oils + Reflexology = Healing Powerhouse

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Essential Men – How Manly is your Man?

Whoever said Essential Oils are just for us chicks didn't have a clue what Essential Oils are and what they can do! Challenge me to convert even the manliest of men and that's a challenge I will happily accept! Easy!!! Well maybe not easy...but definitely doable once they see & experience them work on their… Continue reading Essential Men – How Manly is your Man?

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ESSENTIAL MEN – Hair Stay There!

Do you have a man in your life who is starting to thin a little on top? Not fun is it! So what causes it and what can we do about it? There can be several contributing factors to why some guys thin and why others keep a full head into old age. Genetics play… Continue reading ESSENTIAL MEN – Hair Stay There!

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Days in the Sun!

I live for bright Summer days at the beach! I love being outdoor and the happy summer vibes. But....days at the beach with little ones means lots of covering up so we don't get too much sun and ouchie red sunburnt skin! Usually I have the kids slip, slopped and slapped and forget about… Continue reading Days in the Sun!

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NO NITS here please!

'Oh I just love it when I get to be a monkey mumma picking through my child's hair to remove lice'....SAID NO MUMMA EVER! If you want to reduce your child's chances of bringing home these annoying little bugs, give this recipe a go. Lice hate the smell and stay away! Happy Back to School… Continue reading NO NITS here please!

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Essential Kids – Day 4 – Back to School

Would you like to calm your little ones naturally?

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Essential Kids – Day 3 – Back to School

- BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES - FRANKINCENSE So today we ventured out to have a Fun Day just the kids and I, you know to make our last week of school holidays together EPIC! It started really well, kids were super helpful to get us out the door, we had an amazing time at our… Continue reading Essential Kids – Day 3 – Back to School

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Essential Kids Day 2 – Essential Oils for Back to School

- BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES - Peppermint If you love simple natural solutions for your family, then Essential Oils are definitely something you will love. They are simple, effective & natural. One Essential Oil can have a multitude of different benefits, which makes them so effective in assisting our bodies to work at their optimal… Continue reading Essential Kids Day 2 – Essential Oils for Back to School

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Essential Kids – Essential Oils for Back to School

Day 2 - Back to School Series - Peppermint