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BOGO – Day 5 – June 2018

Well, dōTERRA saved the BEST till last!!! Clary Sage...where do I start...I LOVE this Essential Oil soooo much...for everything hormones! Check out this Dr.Axe article - And Patchouli - for Skin, Stress / Anxiety and as a natural Mosquito + Insect Repellant...and it smells AMAZING. Patchouli + Vetiver is a beautiful calming +… Continue reading BOGO – Day 5 – June 2018

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Are your Hormones driving you CRAZY…?

Come on, fess up...that foul mood, that short not because the socks are lying around in every corner of the house, or any other reason we conjure up for loosing the's because of these things called HORMONES! Eekkk! Whilst they are incredibly necessary, if they get out of whack, WOW, can they cause… Continue reading Are your Hormones driving you CRAZY…?