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Essential Oils for Beginners

If you have attended one of our Essential Oil 101 Online Workshops, please find below the information booklet for you to download and keep as a gift from us. Essential Oils 101 booklet If you would like to have access to this online training for yourself, or if you would like to book an online… Continue reading Essential Oils for Beginners

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Homemade Body Products

With the change in seasons, it's a fab time for a full body exfoliate! A little bit of time to yourself, a nice bath, relaxing music, diffuser going with the little night light and one of these scrubs! If you love to be pampered at a beautiful Day Spa but can't quite get are… Continue reading Homemade Body Products

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Emotional Aromatherapy Workshop – Online

Are you interested in learning how you can safely and effectively use Essential Oils to manage the emotions of yourself and those you love? Our Emotional Aromatherapy Workshop will discuss the above question along with touching on the history & science behind using Essential Oils to support our varying emotional needs. We will look at… Continue reading Emotional Aromatherapy Workshop – Online

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The Power of Frankincense

Frankincense....where do I start....?? Frankincense has been around since the beginning of time. It is even mentioned in the Bible. It's known for its woody, earthy scent which is calming and relaxing and can help relieve stress and anxiety. It is fabulous to use on your skin, a drop in your favourite natural night cream… Continue reading The Power of Frankincense

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Essential Oil Education – Mothers & Babies

Becoming a parent. It is by far the most exciting and amazing time in our lives. But.... do you ever feel you are simply too exhausted to really 'enjoy every moment' like you are advised to do by those whose children are now grown up!!? 'I want to, I try to, but I need to… Continue reading Essential Oil Education – Mothers & Babies