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The majority of our customers CONTACT US to organize their account for them! We gladly do this as doTERRA are in the process of upgrading their website and at present it can be a little confusing to navigate! That’s what we are here for though! To take the hassle out for you! We don’t charge for this service! Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!



  1. Choose the country you live in…yes we can support you even if you don’t live in the land downunder!
  2. Choose whether you are ordering from your local dispatch warehouse (ie Australia) or if you are wanting to place a US order…unsure…choose Local to get setup!
  3. Choose whether you would like your account to be a Wholesale Customer (no business attached or chance to earn commissions) or Wellness Advocate (no obligation for business but opportunity is there if you choose to in the future) unsure….choose Wellness Advocate
  4. Pop in your details and if you are joining our team makes sure the Enroller & Sponsor Id are filled in (3402042 – Our Holistic Journey)
  5. Choose your Starter Kit OR Enrollment Pack ($35 fee) PROCESS AND CONFIRM and YOU ARE DONE! Easy as that you have access to your own dōTERRA wholesale account thats a huge 25% off retail without any strings attached. No need to be a big shop front with a minimum order…dōTERRA give us all the opportunity to order at wholesale! Thank you dōTERRA!


Our favourite Starter Kit + Best Seller

Long explanation….

The most AFFORDABLE & BEST way to bring dōTERRA Essential Oils & products into your home is by registering with your own wholesale account. Click HERE to get started. For a low joining fee of just $35, you will have access to ALL of dōTERRA’s product range at 25% off! An added bonus is you can choose to also order a Starter Kit and receive your products at a further discounted price PLUS your joining fee is included for FREE!

Once you have your wholesale account all setup, you can choose to be apart of the ‘Loyalty Rewards Program’ where you are rewarded for every order you make with free products*!

You will also become a part of our tribe of passionate oil lovers here at ‘Our Holistic Journey’. You will be added to our Facebook Group (if you use FB) and receive extensive training to start you on your journey. We will contact you by email within the first 48 hours of you registering your wholesale account. We will also arrange a convenient time for your 30 minute ‘Wellness Consult’ where we run through how to get the most from your Wholesale Account. NB- There is no minimum order requirement or obligation to onsell. $25 annual renewal fee is applicable, however you will receive a bottle of Peppermint Oil (RRP $34) as a Thank You gift.

CLICK HERE to view the full range of US STARTER KITS dispatched for the US in US$

CLICK HERE or see below the AUSTRALIA STARTER KITS dispatched from AU in AU$

CLICK HERE to view the ALL PRODUCTS dispatched from AU in AU$

CLICK HERE to register your wholesale account. Enrolled ID + Sponser ID 3402042 to join us at Our Holistic Journey



You can order your dōTERRA products at full retail if you like HERE. Simply click on ‘Shop’ and then enter in your ‘Country of Residence’ followed by where you would like your products shipped* from & you are away! *Please note, if you are in Australia and would like to order suppliments you will need to choose the US option for the full product range. Many products are available for local dispatch from within AU, to see these click here.

*conditions do apply…but they are nothing scary!!