About Us


Meet Amee – Founder of Our Holistic Journey and lover of Essential Oils. You’ll find Amee most days in her active wear, stretching from her run or gym session, smothered in Essential Oils and practicing deep breathing! She’s still trying to master the art of mindfulness and being present! With 3 kids, a hubby + a few fur babies in tow, Amee loves helping others learn the art of guilt free self-care with the aid of Essential Oils.

A little about how Our Holistic Journey (ohj) came about

Amee has always had a love of Essential Oils. Ever since she was a little girl helping her Grandma make potpourri, with rose petals they had dried from the garden, and little bottles of Essential Oils.

Amee was raised in a home where her Mum valued natural holistic medicine. It was not uncommon for Amee to visit a naturopath or homeopath if she was unwell. Her Mums motto was ‘the ailment is only a symptom of something more going on. We must listen to our bodies, and delve deeper to find the root cause’. How wise she was and how grateful Amee is to have been raised with that way of thinking.

Fast forward to today and Amee has continued down the holistic health + wellbeing path that was modeled to her by both her Mother + Grandmother. She has branched off to specialize in the area of Essential Oils + Aromatherapy.

Amee is also a Certified AromaTouch Technique Practitioner. The AromaTouch Technique is an Essential Oil Application Method that helps to balance the body and aid its natural ability to heal itself. To find out more about this amazing technique and current treatments available CLICK HERE.

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