Essential Oils

Buy One Get One FREE all week!

Is it just me or does everything seem to speed up at this time of year?! My eldest son is graduating primary school in just a few short weeks, and I’m trying to come to terms with how quickly the years fly by…!

So forgive me for being virtually distant lately…I’ve been trying to spend as much time in the here and now, with my family. Being present has some amazing advantages…however…it also means that being offline more often then not, I miss some important stuff…like BOGO week! I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE BOGO week. Free oils, points for more free oils and did I mention… FREE OILS! I love my Essential Oils so so much, I am very grateful that doTERRA produces such fabulous quality oils. They have literally changed our lives for the better.

Well enough fluffy stuff for me…if you’re new to this BOGO concept, below are some deets to help you out…and as always, if you don’t have an account, I will happily help you get setup or you can read about it by clicking HERE.

Here is DAY 1 – a bit late sorry!

Easy Air is great for anything respiratory. I can’t live without it during Hayfever season, it helps clear my airways so that I can sleep. Also helps with snoring, which is handy to know!

Cypress is great for so many things, I personally find it a great oil to have in my First Aid Kit – here’s why:

So how do you order??? Easy…setup an LRP Order – click the button that looks like this –

Set the date for sometime in the future…I would choose 28th November. Then pop the oil of the day into your cart (for instance if it is Buy Balance Get Citrus Bliss for FREE, add Balance into your cart) .. click on Continue then Yes Proceed to Checkout then Process Order Now.

Your order will process with the Free Oil Automatically, no need to add it into your cart! The LRP will show up in your shop tab as an additional LRP order…at the end of the BOGO week, simply go into the LRP and cancel it altogether!

Yes you have to order each day…you can’t save them and pay one lot of postage at the end of the week!

You can however, choose to do one of two things….think of it as getting the free oil for $7.95 (cost of postage + you get 8 points into your account for the postage cause your doing an LRP order remember!) or get together with a friend on your team and order together! One of you orders one day through their account, the other the next and you can just work it out at the end of the week! I personally team up with a friend! I like doing it that way!

Any questions, just ask….happy BOGO week guys x

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