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AromaTouch Massage Blend

Have you ever experienced an AromaTouch Technique? An Aromatherapy Massage with the focus on using Essential Oils to create balance + homeostasis is the body. It’s truly an amazing experience. The technique, that incorporates 8 different dōTERRA Essential Oils + Blends, is designed to assist and support the body’s immune system to heal itself and can also help to reduce inflammation in the body. The technique was designed by a Medical Expert + Chiropractor. Anyone can learn this technique but only those who have completed a certification course can practice. I have personally completed the course, and absolutely love the benefits this technique provides.

If you can’t find a local AromaTouch Practitioner you can still get the benefits by simply using this incredible blend of oils.

This blend can help to relax muscles, calm tension and increase circulation. Simply Massage (diluted) into neck, shoulders, feet and wherever you feel you can use a massage!! You can even take along with you to your next Massage and get your therapist to use this incredible blend of oils in your treatment!

I personally love this blend in my diffuser too, and have been using it a lot lately massaged into sore, tight muscles.

Give it a go, let me know how it works for you!

Happy Friday x

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