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Are your Hormones driving you CRAZY…?

Come on, fess up…that foul mood, that short temper….is not because the socks are lying around in every corner of the house, or any other reason we conjure up for loosing the plot….it’s because of these things called HORMONES! Eekkk! Whilst they are incredibly necessary, if they get out of whack, WOW, can they cause us girls to be raving lunatics! You know it’s true….! Some months more so then others…not to mention the poor ladies hitting the change of life that need to strip off clothes at any given moment, appropriate or not, cause of that hot flash popping in out of nowhere!

Whether it’s PMS, Cramps or Menopause, I have a little suggestion for you! It’s natural, it’s been around for centuries and studies have shown it to be incredible for hormonal imbalances.

So what is it…. CLARY SAGE Essential Oil, baby, and I personally swear by it.

Now of course, I’m going to pop this disclaimer in, always do your own research, and chat with your current health care provider if you have other stuff going on and are unsure.

Right so I’m no expert, I’m just a Mum on a mission to reach for natural alternative first and as a preventative measure. So…here is a short video by experts in the field, plus scroll down and click on the picture link below, for more detailed info on Clary Sage Essential Oil…

dōTERRA have Clary Sage Essential Oil available to purchase through your account (if you don’t yet have an account, check out THIS PAGE)

and also available is one of my personal favorites, Clary Calm Roller Blend.

Next time those socks are lying around, sniff some Clary Sage / Clary Calm, even if you’re not hormonal, it will help, if nothing else, a nice deep breath of something pleasant other then stinky socks is a bonus!

Happy Hormones!!

Amee xo

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