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What can Lemongrass Essential Oil do for your sore feet?

I just want to share with you guys an experience of mine. For a little while now I’ve been experiencing some pain in my heel + arches, particularly in my left foot. Not enough to worry about but just enough to be annoying. I attributed it to not enough arch support, and didn’t give it much more thought! You know, busy helping everyone else, but neglecting myself…in typical parent style!

A few mornings ago I took off for a run, nothing major, certainly not anything to warrant an injury…but that’s what happened. Once I stopped my foot was sore, really sore. As the day progressed it started throbbing, by the end of the day I felt ill with pain and could barely put any weight on it. I decided NOT to Dr Google it, but I did look up what to do to help arch pain.

Here is one suggestion I found –

RICE – Rest Ice Compression Elevate was another suggestion. So this is what I went with –

I iced for 20 mins and elevated. I then soaked my foot in an Epsom Salts foot bath with Lemongrass + Frankincense EO’s. Once out, I gently rolled my arch on a tennis ball, put some Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil on plus some Marjoram (for pain) Lemongrass (Tissue, Ligament Injuries) Frankincense (inflammation + healing) with a sock and off to bed.

The next morning it felt better, but by the end of the day I was in a world of OUCH again. One of my friends who happens to be a PT, saw me hobbling around and suggested rolling my calf and doing the same routine as the night before. So I did, lots of calf stretching + rolling, foot bath + EO’s again. Lots of Lemongrass + Magnesium Oil and off for an early night again.

My foot was so sore I never imagined that the next morning when I woke I would not even have mild discomfort! The whole next day I was pain free….I kept rubbing in Lemongrass + Marjoram + Magnesium Oils all day. The day before I thought I was off to the physio for sure, or some other form of therapy. Of course I’ll need to be mindful to give it a rest for a bit, as it’s still early days, but it’s so much better and quickly too. Gotta love a quick recovery, since I’m the most impatient person I know!

Essential Oils and the right techniques are amazing in helping our bodies to heal themselves. Aren’t we wonderfully made!

These experiences with Essential Oils happen time and again on our house. Knowing which oils to use and when can be tricky. That’s where I come in. I help people like you and me to become the healers in their own homes! To learn how to simply + effectively reach for natural solutions as the first line of defense. Not to replace medical care, but to be used in addition to!

If you have an area of your life that you would like to try using Essential Oils, I’m here to help. Just send me a message and I can point you in the right direction!

Happy weekend! May the 4th be with you (sorry I couldn’t resist!!!)

Amee x

PS- for more reading check out what Dr Axe has to say –

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