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Essential Oils + Reflexology = Healing Powerhouse

I’ve posted before about Aromatic Dressing now I would like to elaborate on that by adding in Reflexology!

Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet + hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to help balance the body. Reflexology works on the autonomic nervous system helping the body to heal itself naturally. The entire body is mapped out on the feet and hands by a network of nerves.

One way that we use this method in our home is if someone has a specific ailment we look on the charts below and then gently massage the correspond point on the feet and/or hands. For instance if I have a headache resulting from stress + tension I will Massage Ice Blue Blend into my Big Toe.

Give this method a go it’s a powerful tool to use along with your oils!

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Your Journey Is What You Make It!

Amee xo

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