Essential Oils

What is Aromatic Dressing?

This is a question I get asked all the time!

Aromatic Dressing is just a fancy term for gently massaging Essential Oils into your skin with a carrier oil of your choice so that the Essential Oils can enter your bloodstream, circulate your body and work quickly and effectively at a cellular level!

How do you choose which oils to use? That depends on how you are feeling and what your needs are at that time! An example of how I regularly aromatic dress in the morning after a shower before my busy morning with my 3 little ones begins –

In an aromatic Dressing bowl I pop a little Fractionated Coconut Oil + a drop or 2 of Basil Essential Oil. I then Massage into my back in the region of my kidneys where my adrenal glands are…this help calm & support my adrenal glands. In the same bowl I pop a good amount of Organic Hemp Seed Oil (high in omegas and great for dry skin) and add a few drops of Frankincense, Lavender + Cedarwood and rub into my dry skin. These oils are great for skin and also support us in so many other ways too! To finish off I grab some socks and pop some Balance Blend into my feet! Done!!

Happy Aromatic Dressing x


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