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Essential Kids – Day 5 – Back to School ✨LAST DAY✨


This is my last article + email in this series! My oldest 2 kids start back at school next week and I’m back at work too with Miss 2 tagging along for fun! She loves joining me and I’m so grateful she can come along! So my schedule is very full starting back into our routine again which means I will be ‘virtually’ offline from here on in! You can always shoot me an email or send me a txt and I’ll be happy to reply when I can!

Today I’m going to focus on my favourite blends for kids. I will pop links under each oil to the respective Product Information Page that gives you more details!

BLEND #1 – On Guard

On Guard packs a punch when it comes to the Immune System. This is the Blend of Oils I bring out at the first sign of sickness, or if I know there is lots going around at school. The oils in this blend are anti-viral, antibacterial which makes it ideal for bugs. And we all know school is full of those. To use, dilute into carrier oil (rule of thumb 1tbsp to 1 drop EO) and rub 1 drop along spine and onto bottoms of feet. You can also use this in your diffuser when there is sickness in the house or simply to boost immunity. You can make up an antibacterial surface spray with a few drops in a spray bottle with water. Also a small bottle with a few drops + water makes a great natural hand sanitizer! I love On Guard and use it all the time! Can you tell?!


Blend # 2 – Easy Air (Breathe in US)

Think Vick’s without the chemicals! This is brilliant for everything respiratory and it just smells sooooo good too!! If your kids are chesty and have a cough, rub diluted into chest + back to help with congestion. For a persistent cough rub a drop diluted into bottoms of feet and pop socks on. Diffuse for snuffles (also good for any snoring if diffused at night). I love Easy Air Blend, I would not be with out it.


Blend # 3 – Balance

Balance is great for kids when they are feeling scattered and needing some help to focus. Once again apply topically down spine and onto soles of feet. I use this blend in our diffuser at night to help my kids calm down and drift off to sleep.


Blend # 4 – Citrus Bliss

Citrus Bliss is such a happy blend of oils. You can’t help but smile with this blend! Beautiful in the diffuser, my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this blend!


I highly recommend investing in The Essential Life it’s a beautiful reference book for Holistic Health with a focus on Essential Oils! I have no affiliation with the publishers I just LOVE this book!

My lounge room diffuser + book!

If you don’t already have an account with dōTERRA and you’d like to order your own essential oils, let me know, I’m happy to help you get started!

To do further research on Essential Oils I recommend the following sites –

Wishing you a very happy (no tears!!!) back to School x

I have put together this info from my experiences, studies and love of Aromatherapy & Holistic Living for your information, so feel free to share with others that you think may benefit. This info is general in nature, for more detailed and personalized info please contact me. If you would like to order the highest quality Essential Oils on the market I can also help you with that, send me a message or to read more on ordering, click here.I – this is my fav starter kit and best seller, just add Cedarwood and your set –

For full dōTERRA pricing + options CLICK HERE YOUR journey is what YOU make it !

Amee x

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