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Essential Kids – Day 4 – Back to School


We picked up our booklists today, going back to school (and work for me) is starting to feel real…let the label fest begin!!!! I’m determined no late nights labeling this year, the kids are old enough to help! I’ll let you know how I go with that!


Cedarwood is a lesser known oil but has a wonderful array of beneficial properties to it. Amongst other properties, it’s anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic. It’s brilliant for the immune system and can help with low GABA levels. The main role of GABA (naturally occurring brain chemical or neurotransmitter that sends signals from your nerve cell to a specific target cell) is to have a calming effect on you and your nervous system. This oil can help elevate GABA levels which is why this oil can be beneficial to support those with ADD / ADHD, depression, anxiety or just generally feeling calm + happy!

Pop this oil into your diffuser along with Frankincense + Lavender before bed and it’s so calming and relaxing for all ages!

So far I’ve featured 4 Single Essentials Oils in my Top Oils for Back to School – Wild Orange, Peppermint, Frankincense + Cedarwood. I have 4 Essential Oil Blends to cover next, each of my feature blends target different areas of health + wellbeing. I hope you are enjoying this series and are finding some info that is useful for you and your young!

I have put together this info from my experiences, studies and love of Aromatherapy & Holistic Living for your information, so feel free to share with others that you think may benefit. This info is general in nature, for more detailed and personalized info please contact me. If you would like to order the highest quality Essential Oils on the market I can also help you with that, send me a message or to read more on ordering, click here.

FYI – this is my fav starter kit and best seller, just add Cedarwood and your set –

YOUR journey is what YOU make it !

Amee x

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