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Essential Kids – Day 3 – Back to School


So today we ventured out to have a Fun Day just the kids and I, you know to make our last week of school holidays together EPIC! It started really well, kids were super helpful to get us out the door, we had an amazing time at our local trampoline world and catching up with some friends….then….I thought…Kmart is just around the corner, today is going so well, might just pop in to grab a few things! After all my 10yo son needs a new backpack for this year. And then Miss 2 started her tantying…granted she was tired from all the fun …but this was something else, tantying I’m used to…this was just a cyclone in the way of a 2yo taking over Kmart. Poor Miss 8 ended up in the crossfire and knocked her eye really hard on a display hook, you know the ones the clothes hang on?

Well to cut a very long and stressful story short Miss 8 ended up with a mild concussion and what looks like the beginnings of a nice black eye to return to school with….seriously…life with kids…sailing along one minute…next thing the loud speaker is calling a Code Blue in Kmart and you find yourself sitting in a doctors office hoping like crazy it isn’t too serious. We survived Trampoline World only to be knocked over by a clothing rack in Kmart?!

Miss 8 is absolutely completely fine now, just waiting to see what happens with the eye. We have iced it lots, put some Arnica on for bruising and put lots of Frankincense on to help with healing and the shock for her. The swelling has gone right down, so we will just have to wait & see! Miss 2 is still in cyclone mode with a huge amount of cute and adorable mixed in just to keep us all on our toes!


Thank goodness for Frankincense…this would be the Oil I absolutely use the most of. It’s a must have for all parents for everything from immune support to injuries to emotional support and bouts of anxiety and/or depression. Safe & Effective for all ages.

Use the King of Oils Frankincense in your diffuser at any time you like. Apply to the bottoms of your little ones feet and along their spin (diluted rule of thumb 1 tbsp Carrier to 1 drop of oil) to support their immune systems and their entire little bodies.

For more info on Frankincense I wrote a little article a few months back, if you like you can read it HERE.

I have put together this info from my experiences, studies and love of Aromatherapy & Holistic Living for your information, so feel free to share with others that you think may benefit. This info is general in nature, for more detailed and personalized info please contact me. If you would like to order the highest quality Essential Oils on the market I can also help you with that, send me a message or to read more on ordering, click here.

YOUR journey is what YOU make it !

Amee x

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