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Essential Kids Day 2 – Essential Oils for Back to School


If you love simple natural solutions for your family, then Essential Oils are definitely something you will love. They are simple, effective & natural. One Essential Oil can have a multitude of different benefits, which makes them so effective in assisting our bodies to work at their optimal capacity and to heal. dōTERRA Essential Oils have no additives and are the highest purest form you will come across. That is why I have chosen this brand over many others I have tried over the years…they are what they claim to be, PURE, UNADULTERATED. Hurray!

Day 2 – PEPPERMINT – a fantastic oil for Alertness + Memory, Respiratory Support and Tummy Upsets.

One of the things I love about Peppermint is that it’s an Expectorant. That simply means that it can help clear away phlegm and other fluids from the respiratory tract. We all know how prone kids are to snotty noses, Peppermint is fab for helping with the sniffles, and can also help with allergies too!

Popping a drop or two into your kitchen diffuser during homework time is a great way to get the benefits of Peppermint aromatically.

You can rub Peppermint into the soles of your kids feet (diluted of course – guide – 1 drop EO to 1 tbsp Carrier Oil) before you pop their socks on for school to help with alertness & energy.

You can send your kids off to school with a drop on their school collar, but be careful not to get it near their eyes. The menthol is so strong it can make their eyes water!!! Always wash your hands after using Essential Oils because if you touch your eyes afterwards, it will hurt!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s oil for Back to School. Leave me a comment below if you like!

To learn more about Peppermint Essential Oil, Dr Axe has a great article. Click here…

I have put together this info from my experiences, studies and love of Aromatherapy & Holistic Living for your information, so feel free to share with others that you think may benefit. This info is general in nature, for more detailed and personalized info please contact me. If you would like to order the highest quality Essential Oils on the market I can also help you with that, send me a message or to read more on ordering, click here.

YOUR journey is what YOU make it !

Amee x

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