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Essential Kids – Essential Oils for Back to School


As we are all preparing to get our kiddies ready to head back to school, I would like to encourage you guys to reach for your Essential Oils as your first line of defense in supporting your kids physically & emotionally.

Of course there are so many ways we can effectively use our Essential Oils to support our little ones health + wellbeing but for this week I’m simply going to touch on some easy and effective ways to use your oils aromatically (in your diffuser) and topically (rubbed into skin) to support your kids as they head back to school.


I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love the scent of Wild Orange. It’s such a happy Oil. Wild Orange blends beautifully in your Diffuser with Peppermint and these two together are a fabulous blend for Focus. Perfect for homework time at the end of the day too! You can send your kids off to school with a drop on their school collar (if it’s a dark color like my kids school shirts, otherwise the Orange colour may leave a mark) but make sure you don’t get any on their skin if it will be exposed to sun as Citrus Oils are Photosensitive and can heighten skin sensitivity to the sun = ouch sun burnt skin!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s oil for Back to School. Leave me a comment below if you like!

I have put together this info from my experiences, studies and love of Aromatherapy & Holistic Living for your information, so feel free to share with others that you think may benefit. This info is general in nature, for more detailed and personalized info please contact me. If you would like to order the highest quality Essential Oils on the market I can also help you with that, send me a message or to read more on ordering, click here.

YOUR journey is what YOU make it !

Amee x

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