Essential Oils

Glossy Mag just for you…

I love a good mag to flick through. I like it bright and colorful and full of substance…I’m not really one for the trashy celebrity sort…although they are good for a roll your eyes laugh!!

I want to share this latest release mag from dōTERRA with you!

It has some excellent articles, and although I prefer the paper kind that I can literally flick, and I fully intend on ordering some through my dōTERRA Account (find out how to get your account HERE) I’m grateful for this electronic version that I can read right now! Here is a sneak peak of some of the articles I found interesting…

Great article on why this Essential Oil Method is so beneficial. What about the guys…our biggest skeptics…mine used to roll his eyes at my Oil obsession…until they worked for him! I know he was surprised, but he’s a full convert now (shhhh don’t tell him I told you!!)

I love my craft projects so I will enjoy making one of these babies…

And for those who enjoy time cooking (me sometimes!!!) there are some lovely recipes!

Read the full mag HERE for FREE! Thank you dōTERRA for bringing these Gifts of the Earth to us and for being so much more then an Essential Oil Company.

Happy December!

Until next time…x


PS- want to get started with Essential Oils and would like some FREE no obligation advice? Just ask me, my goal is to help as many people as I can to use Essential Oils in their everyday life…why do I give of myself so freely??…because they work, and I genuinely love to see them work for others…that means you …dōTERRA Essential Oils are what they claim to be…PURE & UNADULTERATED…so contact me…I’m always happy to help. And just in case you are wondering… I don’t ‘sell’ Essential Oils, I ‘SHARE’ my knowledge and experiences, then I leave the decision with you. If you choose to join my lovely team of EO lovers with your own dōTERRA wholesale account, then you will get all of the help & support you could possibly need xo

If you prefer to ‘Tread your own Path’ yes I’m a Barefooter!!! then you can simply & easily get your own account HERE click Join & Save, Select your Country then Select Wellness Advocate (don’t worry no hidden agendas or requirements to do anything but have your own personal account) follow the prompts then you are done! Welcome to your Essential Oil Journey with dōTERRA & Our Holistic Journey! Yes it really is this simple xo

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