Essential Oils


Yay! Yippee! Woohoo….no more lunch boxes or rushing around in the mornings…for 6 whole weeks!!! But after the novelty of no school runs wear off, and the kids start with the ‘Im bored’ what then??? Here are some cool & non-toxic diy activities you can do with the kiddies – click pic below for link to more! I’d love you to share with me if you try any of these!

Don’t get me wrong….I’m no Super Mum….while I love doing activities with my kiddies, let’s be honest, it’s a struggle to get the ‘boring’ yet necessary jobs around the house done and still have the time & energy for activities….especially activities like painting… that are so much fun but ohhhh so much mess!!!! So here’s what I do… I chat with my kiddies about the cool stuff we will do AFTER we’ve done the stuff that has to be done. The quicker we get it done, the quicker we can move on to the fun stuff. Oh yes they complain and carry on like their life is over, bless them, but once I tell them for what seems like the hundredth million time that they can whinge and make themselves unhappy or they can sing and dance to the music I put on, think happy thoughts and just get on with it, most of the time they seem to just get on with it. It helps that I’m consistent with this and I pop oils on in my diffusers in every room to help lift the mood!! Its just the way it is….we all work together we can then all hang out and have fun together.

I read a saying once that has always stuck with me-

‘If you want to keep your kids feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders’.

Kids need to be kids, but they also need to learn that life isn’t all Xbox and Barbies. Dishes need to be done, bathrooms cleaned and if you want clean undies (my son would happily wear his inside out I swear) then the washing needs to be done… such is life! Finding joy or at least peace in seemingly meaningless & boring tasks like folding socks & undies is a skill we all need to learn, and the sooner the better. I’m still learning this one!!!! Especially when it comes to washing dishes!!!!!! We don’t want our kids to enter the world one day with an unrealistic expectation that life doesn’t involve hard and sometimes boring stuff…what a shock that would be for them!

Have a very happy summer holidays. Enjoy your family and the beautiful warm weather. Enjoy the slow mornings and just being in the moment. Stop and watch your kids laugh, soak up these little moments, cause so quickly they will be all grown up!

Until next time xo


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