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My TOP ESSENTIAL OILS for Back to School 

School Holidays are coming to an end and our little ones are heading back to school.

We love school holidays in our home, spending time together, being impulsive with what we do in our days, no lunch boxes…(!!!) that’s the beauty of holidays isn’t it?! A break from the everyday!

We also know how important school is. I appreciate how much they learn at school, the variety of subject and the social skills that come with it (my kids attend a great school) so we are positive about school and heading back.

So that leads me to the point of this post – how can we support our children’s emotional & physical wellbeing as they head back to school. As always, it’s a holistic approach.

I strongly believe in not over scheduling our children’s time. I believe in after school free play, climbing trees, reading, quiet time, but I’m not a fan of homework. Fortunately the school we attend is on the same page! We live in a time where we are so spoilt with choice! Our children are so fortunate to have so many opportunities at their finger tips (depending on where you live) – sports, music, drama classes, art classes, dance etc – it is very easy to fall into the trap of overscheduling our children for fear they may be missing out if we aren’t giving them the opportunity to try all of these things.

No! Not only does it add to our physical and financial load as parents, it’s exhausting!  While no doubt our intentions are pure, we just want the best for our little ones, what is really happening is our children are becoming increasingly tired, anxious and teary. Instead of focusing on one thing and doing well at that, they can find themselves in a flurry of overactivity resulting in their bodies and minds being overstimulated. This in turn can affect their quality of sleep and their body’s ability to heal itself. A lowered immune system and emotional fatigue are not what we want for our children’s growing bodies and minds.

What have I learnt from my experience in enrolling my kids in everything all at once?


Pick 1-2 things per term …that’s it. No more!! Give them plenty of down time, make sure they get fresh air and sunshine, free play and in bed by 7pm. Older kids can read, younger kids need sleep. The same time to bed each night means their bodies get into this routine and they sleep much better, and perform much better the next day. One late night a week won’t make too much difference but best to make this an exception not a rule.

At this time of the year though, we also need to work a little more with their immune systems due to the many different bugs floating around during the cooler months. A good quality Multi Vitamin, dōTERRA have an excellent chewable one, plus Omega 3 + 6 (click this link for the one we use in our home, no affiliate)  for healthy brain function. Omega 3+ 6 have been scientifically proven to help with focus and impulse control. Fantastic for brains that are learning & developing! Probiotics are also a good idea, a good brekky, we have eggs. Yes it takes a bit more effort, but it’s so worth it. Protein is great in the morning as it helps their brains and stops them fading before morning tea!

We also start the day with invigorating essential oils in our living room diffuser. We use either Peppermint, Wild Orange or Citrus Bliss.

We wear our Diffuser Necklaces to school with a drop of oil depending on the needs of the day! Frankincense or Citrus Bliss are always popular choices.

In the evening as we are winding down for bed, we use Lavender, Serenity (Lavender Peace), Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Frankincence, On Guard or Breathe (Easy Air) in our bedroom diffusers, depending on our needs.

Happy back to school, and as always feel free to comment or contact us.

Amee ➕ Co

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