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Exercise + Sore Muscles = Ice Blue 

Whether you workout for fun, have a physical job or sit at a desk for extended periods, sore muscles & muscle tension seem to be a part of life. For some of us Stress seems to be our trigger for muscle tension resulting in headaches and other uncomfortable problems…so what can we do to help ourselves when we are affected by life’s aches & pains. No doubt if you are reading this, you are already self-helping in many areas of your life. Of course nutrition is important, as well as gut health, along with plenty of water, sleep, reducing toxins, getting regular massages and chiropractic just to name a few. But what about Essential Oils? Have you considered that these could be a missing part of your health & wellbeing puzzle?

doTERRA’s Essential Oils work with our bodies at a cellular level to assist the body in its amazing ability to heal itself.

I love my exercise. I especially love road running & weight training. I find it helps me to manage stress and my busy life as a working mum. I take a holistic approach to my wellbeing (and of course tend to look after everyone else first….but I’m working to get some more balance!!) and Essential Oils are a big part of my wellness routine.

So here are the main oils I use to aid my recovery after a workout.

Why so many? Because I rotate. I prefer not to use the same oils all the time, due to my knowledge and research on sensitisation. I’ve learnt it’s best to mix it up!

Here are some more useful videos to browse at your leisure.

To book a Workshop* on Essential Oils for Athletes where you can experience these amazing Essential Oils for yourself, please Contact Us.

Happy weekend everyone!

Amee 🍃
*Workshops can be run in your home or a Cafe of your choice with a minimum of 4 confirmed attendees. Workshop costs vary depending on the Workshop you book. You receive a take-home pack to get you started on your journey with Essential Oils plus discounted starter packs available to purchase at the time of your Workshop.

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