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Are your kids pestering you every time you go past a drive thru?????

It’s school holidays for us…and with Despicable Me 3 out and the lure of the super cool toys that come with the meal…who can say no? Right? Especially when you’ve just taken them to watch the movie, what a cool treat for afterwards….!

That’s just it though…it’s a treat…an every now and again thing…so not good for young growing bodies to have everyday! Not to mention bodies that are no longer growing up, so it just goes out….eeeek!!!

So how can we stop the relentless pestering????

Show them this GREAT little video….knowledge is power, so when little people understand the reason why, they are more likely to make these great life decisions for themselves, and we get to parent in a way that we aren’t constantly having to say ‘NO’!

Happy School Holidays 🍃

Amee + Co

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