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Essential Oil Education – Mothers & Babies

Becoming a parent. It is by far the most exciting and amazing time in our lives. But…. do you ever feel you are simply too exhausted to really ‘enjoy every moment’ like you are advised to do by those whose children are now grown up!!? ‘I want to, I try to, but I need to wake up first’ I would think to myself! I always felt like I was in some sort of land between sleep and wake!

Sleep, or lack there of, can lead to overwhelming exhaustion, anxiety, feelings of depression and a lowered immune system. I’ve been there! Its most certainly not what we need when we are trying to look after our little bundle, and others in our lives.

And then just when we think we may have just got into the swing of things, bub starts teething! Mine would get tummy upsets with teething, sleeping issues and just be generally unhappy. So how do we help them to get through all of this, but also make sure that we nuture ourselves so that we are able to care for the needs or our family in a loving manner?

It’s most certainly is a holistic approach.

The following series of webinars are specifically on Mothers & Babies. You can watch these at your own leisure. Make sure you get a note pad & pen out as they have some amazing suggestions that we can all benefit from no matter what stage we are at.

These recordings will help you to strengthen your knowledge of essential oils and how to use them from bump, birth, and beyond. Learn from Certified Professional Midwife Stephanie Fritz, certified labor doula and childbirth educator Holly Lo, Registered Nurse Sarah Vansteenkiste, and Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Paul Winterton as they give tips and information about doTERRA essential oils and safe uses during pregnancy and labor.

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